The Stanimals

Stanimals at Nepenthe Bal Masque - Halloween 2005
Stanimals at Nepenthe Bal Masque
More photos of Bal Masque coming soon!

The Stanimals at Fernwood Resort Big Sur, New Years Eve 2004-2005
Stanimals at Fernwood Resort, Big Sur, New Years Eve 2004-05

December 31, 2009
New Years Eve Celebration

Fernwood Resort, Big Sur
Join us for the return of Bill Laymon. On this gig we'll have Jim Lewin, Bill Laymon and special guests.

Past Gigs
March 8, 2008
Fernwood Resort, Big Sur
Join us for the return of Bill Laymon. On this gig we'll have Jim Lewin, Bill Laymon, Keith Graves and Bruce Wandmayer. 9:00 PM - Midnight

Friday, June 27, 2008
Fernwood Resort, Big Sur

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Fernwood Resort, Big Sur
with Country Joe McDonald
The Stanimals will play a set. Country Joe will play a set. Then we'll come back with the Stanimals backing Country Joe.

October 31, 2007, 8:00 PM -Midnight
Sorry. We had to cancel this gig but SEX FARM will be performing in our place.
Halloween Bal Masque at Nepenthe, Big Sur. All the Ambrosia Burgers you can eat! Prizes are awarded to the best costumes - this is a night to remember, with Big Sur artists coming out of the woodwork in their most macabre and fanciful attire. There are rewards for best costumes, etc. There are lots of different categories. Ticket sales benefit the Big Sur Fire Brigade. For more information, call (831) 667-2345. If you're in Big Sur, you can purchase your tickets at the Phoenix Shop, just below Nepenthe Restaurant.

March 17, 2007
Fernwood Resort, Big Sur
Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Stanimals!
The Redwood Grill will be cooking up an appropriately festive St. Paddy's Day dish and the bar will do something to make the rest of the town green with envy.

April 21 (Earth Day!)
Good Old Days Celebration and Parade in Pacific Grove, California
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM on the "Adventures by the Sea" Stage

Monterey Live
414 Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA
Friday, January 13, 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM
For advance tickets call Monterey Live Box Office 831.646.1415
Join the Stanimals at this new, state-of-the-art performing arts venue in the heart of Monterey, California.
From the Monterey Live website:
Monterey Live brings the excitement of exclusive “big city” theater-style clubs to Monterey with lite fare and premium spirits served in an intimate and sophisticated setting.
About the Stanimals-->>

Sunday, April 9, 2006
Good Old Days Celebration and Parade in Pacific Grove, California
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM on the "Adventures by the Sea" Stage
This will be a really fun weekend with several bands including John "Broadway" Tucker, Red Beans and Rice, The Cachagua Playboys, Trusting Lucy and more...

Saturday, June 24, 2006
Big Sur Bird Bash
(831) 667-2574 Henry Miller Library
Come frolic amongst the redwoods with the Ventana Wildlife Society, a local non-profit that has been conducting conservation ecology in Big Sur since 1977.

Thursday, December 21, 2006
Fernwood Resort, Big Sur
Big Sur Solstice Celebration

Join us for this Big Sur Solstice Celebration. A free feast included!
Music begins at 9:00 PM
We'll post the start time for the feast soon

The first two hours are dedicated to your little nestlings, with children’s storytelling, puppet-making, drawing, and face painting.

Big Sur Coast Foods will be grilling up a storm, local vendors will display their wares, and there will be tons of raffle prizes.

Watch sizzling dance performances by Jamaica and the Big Sur Natives, and groove to music by the Suborbitals, Samba a Go Go, and the Stanimals.

You will also hear talks from VWS staff about their songbird monitoring and research, environmental education, and California Condor reintroduction.
3pm-5pm/children’s activites
5:30pm-midnight/barbecue & entertainment (entertainment schedule will be posted soon. I think the Stanimals come on at 9:00 PM then the Big Sur Natives

$10/children under 10 are free

Saturday, August 19
Fernwood Resort, Big Sur

September (date TBA)
Fernwood Resort, Big Sur

Stanimals at Fernwood Resort Big Sur

The Stanimals:

Stan Russell, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Long time musician who most recently recorded on Al Jardine of the Beach Boys, California Recall Blues (MP3) Russell has also played in several band projects with Jim Lewin, Bill Laymon. Presenting several original tunes.

Jim Lewin, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, and Vocals
One of the busiest guitar players in Central California. Sideman, songwriter, session player or bandleader, Jim puts a little magic in all the music he makes. Lately Lewin has been touring with Lacy J. Dalton and Frank Wakefield and plays consistently in local bands the Stanimals, Harmony Grits when not producing records. Lewin has played and/or recorded with Frank Wakefield, Lacy J. Dalton, Jack Cassady (Jefferson Airplane), Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Tyran Porter (Doobie Brothers), Greg Anton (Zero), Great American Taxi and more

Dennis English: Electric violin/fiddle
Native soquel resident, has played fiddle for thirty-something years, collecting awards for California State Old time fiddling championships several times. English also has a collection national awards. English plays fluently in several styles and genres and can be found playing regularly with Keith Greeninger, Harmony Grits, Dayan Kai & Water, and others.

Eric Gunn, Drums.
Gunn and Stevie Heger are two of the drummers that rotate through the Stanimals, depending upon who is available. Eric Gunn is a local Santa Cruz drummer and drum builder. Gunn has played every venue from San Diego to Honolulu and more with more bands than we could list here. Plus, he hasn't turned in his bio and he doesn't have a website yet.

Jeff Holmquest, lead/slide guitar, lap steel, vocals
Holmquest has been playing the San Francisco Blues scene for some time. His last project was slide guitar for Big Daddy From Cincinatti. Unfortunately Big Daddy has passed away and we are happy to have Jeff in the Stanimals.

Keith Graves, bass / drums.
Keith will be taking over bass for Bill Laymon. Many of you will recognize the multi-talented Graves as he has played drums for the Stanimals. Graves is well known in the Bay Area as a sought after session musician and has logged hundreds of hours in the studio and on the road. Some noteworthy sessions include; Guitar Shorty and Rico Reyes (Santana band). Highlights of Graves professional music career is a bass credit on David Beaudry's chart topping Alien Man CD recorded in Nashville, Tennessee which was followed by a tour. Graves also played bass in the band Folkin' A with David Lowery of Cracker. Graves recently recorded a CD at the Southern Culture on the Skids studio in North Carolina with Jimmy Bott and Gene Taylor of the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Bruce Wandmayer: Pedal Steel & Sax. Wandmayer has played with Jerry Lee Lewis, recorded with Graham Nash & the Bellamy Brothers. A member of the Academy of Country Music's house band, he worked with Vince Gill, Charlie Daniels, Pam Tillis, Kathy Mattea, Foster and Lloyd. He has also worked with Hank Thompson, The Coasters, as well as recording with multi-platinum band The Gin Blossoms. Currently, Bruce is touring with the Trailer Park Troubadors.

A little about the Stanimals...

Music for the oncoming social phenomenon and intellectual lunatic fringe!

The Stanimals are a collection of several seasoned touring professional musicians.

The rhythm section of the Stanimals, Stan Russell (guitar), Bill Laymon (bass), and Stevie Hager (drums) in combination with players from Roy Hargrove's band (Larry Willis and Gerald Cannon), and "Fingers," from Jimmy Buffet’s Coral Reefer Band backed up Al Jardine of the Beach Boys on one of his latest recordings, California Energy Blues. We recorded California Energy Blues at the Red Barn Studio in Big Sur. Later the tune was remixed and named California Recall Blues and features vocals of Governor Arnold Swarzenneger.

Angels in the Garden (Stan Russell)
What About You? (Stan Russell)
Hungry For Your Love (Stan Russell)
Street Life (Stan Russell)

Rough Demos:
What About You? (Stan Russell)
Choice & Desire (Stan Russell)
Somethin' Ain't Right (Stan Russell)
Angel Flew Through the Midnight Sky (Stan Russell)

California Recall Blues (MP3) (Al Jardine)

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